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antropoti-concierge-service-interior-design-Luxury-classic-wall-papers-home-decor-living-roomOur Concierge Interior design team comes from the prestigious  network, opening the door to a global network of contacts and partners. Using its ideas, organization and advising skills, Antropoti Vip Club finds unique and innovative solutions for each investor and in cooperation with an interior design company which provides next services: decoration, product design, furniture manufacture, branding consulting, web design, performance of renovation construction work and its supervision.

We offer following services: preparation of project documentation which consists of checking the project task, conceptual design preparation issued by a certified architect and applying for a building permit and all other documentation necessary to define the final use of the object. Antropoti Team consists of several certified experts who follow the project from the conceptual design until its realization.

Our team offers a design service which can include anything from the property purchase to solving legal issues, applying for various permits, architect creating a conceptual vision of the solution, interior design solutions, furnishing in cooperation with carpenters, upholsterers, glaziers, performance of all construction works and exterior landscaping. Our work is tightly connected to an investor during all project phases and respects all your requirements in order to make your living space unique.  

Antropoti Interior Design offers following services:

1. Interior Design Interior design develops designing solutions which will achieve harmony and beauty, while respecting function of the space and its individuality, as well as wishes and needs of its users. Function, aesthetic and comfort are integrated elements in interior design and our atelier offers you solutions for interior design of one part or entire object, and consulting on how to improve quality of the existing space taking into account your budget and respecting deadlines. The base of our susscesful cooperation is talking to an investor and, after summarizing all gathered information, creating of a project concept of the future interior. It is further followed by a complex process of preparation of the project documentation which includes all characteristic detail, defining the materials and other elements required for carrying out the projects.

Interior design phases:

  • Conceptual Design (estimation and measurement of the existing situation, informative talk to a client, creating of a simple board and concept, 3d concept visualisation)
  • Implementation Interior Design (project documentation, definitions of materials and linings, elaboration of all elements required for the project completion, selection and specification of the furniture and final details)

2. Interior Decoration Regardless of the current phase of the interior design, we offer services related to the space optimization: selection of decorative materials, coordination of various decoration styles and matching décor. Antropoti is also engaged in custom order furniture design following the specifics of a certain space and its manufacture in its own manufacturing facilities supervised by authorized experts.

3. Decoration Services Certain events or occasions require special preparation and decoration of the space and other interior segments. Regardless of if it is a preparation of a stage, movie or photo shoot set with a given theme or from a specific style period or special occasion, like celebration and wedding, we can work on the authentic interior decoration according to the investor’s wishes.

4. Property that needs renovation for sale Pointing out the property features in the form of improving them, the property becomes more competitive on the market so the goal of this service is to help a client get a multiple return on investment while saving money and time. When preparing a property, we make analyses of the current condition of the property and necessary construction works, give instructions for renovation, list all interventions, design a project and carry out the construction works.

5. Services for Foreign Investors – Property Sale and Renovation Antropoti cooperates closely with several foreign and local real estate agencies and provides full support in searching for a suitable location or property, preparation of required documentation and building permits, project development with authorized architects, analyse of the works required for renovation and interior design, design a project for interior design, constructions works and landscaping, supervision and post-occupancy evaluation.

6. Product Design Project management services in a segment of forming a part or system of a product of specific content and purpose for the individual or serial production according to the clients requests and for use in private or public areas. (Conceptual design, model design, workshop drawings and project map, production)

7. Branding & Graphic Design & 3D Visualisation Concept design with visual identity and all graphic elements: design of a logo, corporate identity, visual identity, brand, catalogue, brochure, promotional materials, booths and all other primary and secondary communications. High-quality 3D object and product design, unique interior and exterior presented in the perfect virtual 3D show.

8. E-Project Interior Design via internet is a service offered regardless of the location of an investor or project. We exchange information and documentation exclusively via emails and over a phone and, based on the gathered information, create a map with previously approved interior concepts. The map consists of all necessary project documentation for carrying out works, selection of colours and materials, suggestion of interior decoration, products specifications and estimation of costs of the decoration and construction works. This service is particularly suitable for renovation of the properties that need to sell.

9. Exterior Remodelling & Landscaping In order to achieve complementary internal and external project identity, we offer projection (project design), system supply and installation and a complete solution for your garden: ideas, seedlings supply, planting, design of lawns, rockeries, paths, lake, streams and all types of swimming pools and water accent systems.

10. Construction Work Performance Beside the project consulting for interior design and decoration, the Antropoti VIP Club also offers custom order furniture and complete performance of renovation works. Apart from the preparation of the project documentation and cost estimation, we provide full organisation and supervision of the project and supply of production materials with favourable prices in comparison with the quality.

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