Are you thinking about asking the most important

question of your life?

Not sure how and where to do it, and not sure what to buy? Antropoti Vip Club Concierge service engagement makes it easy for you quickly and completely learn you what you need to know so you can but the perfect sign of your love. We want you to know at Antropoti Vip Club, our Engagement guides are completely focused on you.

Before Getting Engaged

Careful planning long before popping the question can help a marriage proposal go smoothly without making either individual uncomfortable or uncertain. While not every proposal is the same and each couple should find their own way to get engaged, our help can be a guideline for soon-to-be engaged couples.

Above all, if there is love, trust, honor, and commitment in your relationship, the engagment will be a step that leads to your happily ever after.


How to Get Engaged?

Whether you want to proclaim your love in front of the whole world or make it an intimate moment between just the two of you, your proposal is one of the most important steps in your relationship. It’s the first sign that you’re ready to take things to the next level, and it’s an agreement to spend the rest of your lives together. Getting engaged is a momentous occasion… but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

We’ve all heard about the guy who hires a plane to fly a “Marry Me” banner across the sky. Or the surprise scavenger hunt that ends with him down on one knee. And perhaps that’s your style.
It’s okay to be nervous before you pop the question.

You may want to practice what you plan on saying, but keep it simple. Just tell her you love her, put the ring on her finger and wait for her to say, “Yes!”
But no matter what method you choose, there are a few key factors that should take place before you pop the question.
Knowing how to get engaged involves more than planning a romantic proposal or buying an engagement ring.


With our help, tips and ideas about your Engagement planning and

Planning Your Engagement Party you will have special time to remember

and you can Celebrate Your Unique Relationship with smile!