Waiting services

When nobody wants to wait because there is no time, Antropoti Concierge will wait for you and is available to all its services waiting for everything you need and do not have anyone free if you transferred where you and keep you waiting until you‘re done with your obligations.

Need urgent transport for yourself or the person from family, friends, colleagues or your neighbor needs help to go to the doctor, to the post office, transportation to the hospital or from the hospital, transportation to come to you dear guests or business partners call us and we’ll take care of everything.
One of your calling rid your concern about transportation for people who need assistance on arrival and departure to the desired place while you are working or traveling or just need a reliable and FREE PEOPLE AND TRANSPORTATION you can count on at any time.
Antropoti Concierge service team is at your service and you will come up to the top floor of the building and help you get down to the car and take and return safely and on time, will help to carry heavy luggage after a trip or full bags of groceries from the store to help you at arrival and departure from the hospital after hospital operations, transportation in spa resorts or homes.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Deliveries Non-Medical Care (pre & post outpatient surgical procedures)
  • Oversee home repair workers
  • Arriving guests