Hand and Nail Care

antropoti-concierge-service-pro-gel-nail-polish-1It is said that hands say a lot about a person you are talking to or in whose company you are; if you take a better look at someone’s hands, you will be able to read a lot about the person’s personality.
Hands show how much care you take about yourself and your skin, your age and many other things and nails will definitely impact the first impression about your tidiness, health and care.
If you want to treat yourself with a top gel nail manicure, come to the Antropoti VIP Club, enjoy in your new nails and great feeling.
Manicure and pro gel nail polish, unlike other technique, include application of the gel directly from the polish bottle on previously maintained nails. This is a clean and sophisticated method which lasts long. The treatment starts with classical manicure and fixing the skin around nails and finishes with application of the permanent gel in a preferred color.
If you don’t feel for colors, you can choose a French manicure.

No matter what your choice is, your nails will look well cared for and nice. For only 30 minutes, which is the treatment duration, your hands will be completely transformed and you will feel happy and satisfied.