Karting party



Karting & Antropoti VIP  party offer!!!

The real reason for even more fun!

We bring you a lot more than driving a car BRINGS YOU


Our guests we offer the entire organized karting competition at the highest  indoor karting track in Croatia length 450 m with 15 dynamic curves.
Additionally rivalry among teams / competitors will provide professional high-accuracy measurement system.

You can choose between several types of competition depending on the number of contestants:

– Grand Prix

– Mini Grand Prix

– Grand Prix

– Grand Prix Plus

– Endurance


Grand Prix – Type of competition in which after heating, and qualification form  start list of drivers based on qualifying times. The winner is the driver who transported at any given time the most laps.

Grand Prix includes two rounds heating,

4min qualifications and 10min race

Regular Price: 110,00 HRK / driver


Grand Prix Plus includes 2 rounds  heating,

5min 15min qualifying and the race.

Regular price: 140.00 HRK / driver


Mini Grand Prix

  – Mini Grand Prix includes 2 rounds heating,

2min 5min qualifying race.

Regular price: 65.00 HRK / driver


EnduranceTeam competition in which each competitor even participates to fight for his team to first place. The captain of each team runs a qualifying race which determines the starting position.

After qualifying begins a race that lasts continuously for 60 min and in which alternate all competitors by before the agreed order.

Win one team in a given time transported most laps. This type of competition is suitable for larger groups.

For booking, information and price list, please call on:

gsm: + 385 (0) 91 157 87 27